"Words are the bricks and building blocks of our world. A world of words that creates a world of things."   ℵ☉Ω

"Only if words are felt, bodily presences, like echoes or waterfalls, can we understand the power of spoken language to influence, alter, and transform the perceptual world. ” ~ David Abram

Abracadabra "I create as I speak." "אברא כדברא" Aramaic translation "I create like the word." Or "I create with words." °Abracadabra - אברא כדברא°


According to many religious traditions, including Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, its thought that the Creator used a single Word to Create and bring forth everything in the Cosmos. Intriguingly, many metaphysical, mystical and magical traditions also emphasise this theory of the universe being created through the power of G'ds words. Illustrated in Psalm 33:6: "By the word of the Lord were the heavens made," and John 1:1, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with G'd, and the Word was G'd." The word manifested in matter. For G'd said; "Let there be light, and there was light." ~ Genesis 1:3. "And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory." ~ John 1:14. As this idea that everything was brought forth into existence by the linguistic Powers of the Word of G'd, is a prominent concept in many spiritual teachings. Which is in itself rather telling. 

As the 'word' you could say, is the original source of language and at the same time the original source of being. Hence the idea of the creators words being Flames and Sparks which kindled life within the darkness of nothingness. Illustrates and emphasises to us the Creative Magical properties and powers of language and the spoken or written Word. Intriguingly, the k-c-qabbalistic mysteries of language and linguistic theory of creation, is also expanded upon in the Sēpher Yetzirah - ‫ספר יצירה‬‬ - book of Creation or Formation. As this ancient text also alludes to the theory of G'd creating through the powers of Language. It also adds another idea, by suggesting that the mysteries of words and the mystique of numbers are Juxtaposed. As it states in the Sēpher Yetzirah: "°With 32 mystical paths of Wisdom engraved the Lord of Hosts. The G'd of G'ds, The living G'd, King of the universe: Created His - Her universe, with 3 mothers, 7 doubles, 12 elementals and 10 Sephiroth of Nothingness. Lord of Hosts with the voice of Holy breath and speech and with 'Numbers - מִסְפֵּר - Sephar' with 'Text - סֵ֫פֶר - Sepher' and with 'communication - סיפור - Sipur.'" He - She Engraved and Carved and Covered: And with these the blessed holy One created All.°"

"Language—mother of reason and revelation, their A - alpha and Ω - Omega." ~ Johann Georg Hamann, 1730-1788. 

 As you see, the K-c-qabbalistic idea and interpretation of the creation process is believed to have taken place through the medium of the 10 sephiroth and the permutations and manipulation of the 22 Holy Letters of the Hebrew alphabet. As it's been said that as a builder employs tools and material to construct a house, so G'd employed the 10 Sephiroth and the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet to form Heaven and Earth. Which curiously suggests to us that in the beginning, it was not the heavens and the earth that were created first. But it was literally the 'Aleph-Beit' or Aleph - א - through to Tav - ת, which is also ​​​illiterated with the Alpha - A - and the Omega - .Ω. As it's believed that without these holy letters, the very utterances with which G'd formed the universe would have been impossible. Therefore every letter of the mystical hebrew 'Aleph-Beit' is thought to represent divine powers and energies, and the various combinations of these letters characterise and express various combinations of powers and energies. As it's these powers and energies which resulted in the assorted diversity of creation. You see then, the k-c-qabbalistic idea on this concept is really no different from that of any other religious or mystcal tradition. For nearly all esoteric traditions, illustrate in there teachings, how the words of G'd are the metaphorical building blocks through which Creation took Place. 

"The alphabet is the original source of language and at the same time the original source of being."

"Macrocosm and microcosm are also clearly interconnected in their linguistic essence, and each and every sphere of the Creation breathes the same linguistic spirit which, in the holy language, has fashioned itself in manners of expression which we can grasp ourselves." ~ Gershom Scholem, 1897-1982.  

On that point then, just as the Creator, Created his - her universe with language, we also Create Our universe with Language. Our G'dly gift you could say. For many scholars have also pointed this out with the stories of 'Adam Ha'Rishon' the “first man." As its been taught that Adam was aware of the mystical process of creation, and was programmed with this inner knowledge and understanding of the Power of language. Also Adam was given the gift and responsibility of naming the mystical hebrew letters, and everything else in the world: "AND WHATEVER THE MAN CALLED EACH LIVING THING WAS INDEED ITS NAME." ~ Genesis 2:19. Therefore this act of Adam naming each living thing from a k-c-qabbalists perspective, is believed to be G'ds way of having Adam confirm or finish the act of creation. In a sense that Adam's validating or affirming creation, by analysing and reflecting upon the essence and nature of each living thing, and the relationship between their spiritual essence and physical being and thereby giving each species its rightful Name. Which reveals to us the communicative powers that we have been Bestowed. 

"The Gift of vocabulary, the power of language and the spoken word, is singularly the most powerful force given and available to mankind. For all that can be conveyed and expressed by the power of our words is limitless, yet limiting. For their will always be that part of life and the soul, which is incommunicable." ~ ℵ☉Ω

Intriguingly this conection with the act of creation and the mystical conceptions of language, is also found and demonstrated in a wide verity of esoteric teachings and Traditions. Such as MAGICK. As you see, everything in our lives is conveyed and expressed with a WORD. And as you have read, Words Create!... Therefore the words we use, whether in speech or thought, are believed to play a significant role in generating our perspectives and feelings and the way we see the world, ourselves and other people. As you see, our language provokes thoughts and feelings, which goes on to generate our actions and our actions Cause Affects. This is why many Occult Magicians have emphasised knowing the ferocious Power, Beauty and Splendour of our Words Spoken and Written. For its a major key to understanding a large part of the Mysteries of Occult Magick. As you see, we all employ the gifts of communication, grammar, oratory, and rhetoric, or 'the semantic components of language' to Express and convey all We See, Hear, Smell, Touch, Think and Feel. This is why our Language and Words are seen to be One of the primary filters through which we create, perceive, identify and view the world around us. For our language is an essential tool through which we express and identify ourselves and clothe our thoughts. Also it would be nearly impossible to communicate the Gifts of life and to know more about the universe, the inner-verse and the hearts and the minds of your fellow brothers and sisters without this gift. 

Lord Byron exquisitely illustrated this gift, when he wrote; "words are but things, spoken or a small drop of ink, falling, like dew, upon a thought produces that which makes thousands, perhaps millions think." For we all know how the power of the Word, spoken or written can have a deep affect on us in rather a profound way. As language does seem to hold a rather profound magical power with its force and energy. On that point, it is rather self-evident why the conception of creation, is closely linked with the linguistic conception of Grammar Magick. Illustrated by the auld Aramaic Magical Axiom, Abracadabra - אברא כדברא - I create as I speak - I create like the word - I create with words.  ​​​​Intriguingly, this also reveals to us how our language and words are alive, and have within them the power to create or destroy. Intriguingly the science of cymatics also shows this, as cymatics reveals to us how certain sounds take on vibratory Geometrical shapes. Which in itself illustrates to us how the sounds of our words as they leave our lips transform into vibrations, these vibrations = energy, and this energy creates magical effects.

""The linguistic theories of mystics frequently diverge when it comes to determining this symbolic nature of language. But all mystics in quest of the secret of language come to share a common basis, namely the fact that language is used to communicate something which goes way beyond the sphere which allows for expression and formation; the fact, also, that a certain inexpressible something, which only manifests itself in symbols, resonates in every manner of expression; that this something is fundamental to every manner of expression, and, if I may say so, flashes through the chinks which exist in the universal structure of expression. This conviction is at the same time the common basis and the experience from which it has nourished and revitalised itself in every generation, our own included. The mystic discovers in language a quality of dignity, a dimension inherent to itself, as one might phrase it at the present time: something pertaining to its structure which is not adjusted to a communication of what is communicable."" ~ Gershom Scholem, 1897-1982.

You see then why certain aspects of Occult Magick is inextricably intertwined with language and Vica Versa. For certain aspects of the semantic components of our language are intimately bound to that of the mysterious Art of Magick, whether we like to believe it or Not. As the uttering of certain words is considered a magical act, take singing or prayers for instance. Subsequently then, our words serve in a variety of functions within the act of Occult Magick. As the proper pronunciation and spelling of certain words is crucial to the success of a 'spell' or ritual. On that point, nearly all magical systems have their own vocabulary and grammar, or set of rules that determine the meaning, result and outcome of any Prayer, Ritual or Ceremony. As Aleister Crowley stated: "Grammarye, Magick, therefore is only the Greek "Gramma". Also the old name of a Magical Ritual,  "Grimoire", is merely a Grammar." In either case, the pronouncing of words, names etc validates the effect of the performative utterance." As the depth and complexity of language’s syntax, which includes the phrase structure and morphology, and the breadth of its phonological inventory, described in combination with the "richness" of any language’s structure, all contributes to its magical power and essence. The art of Magick therefore could not exist without the foundation of human speech and communication. 

"Words carry with them not only the conception of the mind, but also the virtue of the speaker with a certain efficacy unto the hearers, and this oftentimes with so great a power, that oftentimes they change not only the hearers, but also other bodies, and things that have no life."  ~ Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim 1486-1535. ℵ☉Ω

As to know a word’s proper meaning and definition, and how to use it correctly is infact magick. For the naming of things consists of uttering the linguistical phonemes they represent, thus in a sense expressing what they are. The 'name' therefore, is seen by the magician to be a symbolic form that provides a reference to a physical thing or to a theoretical, abstract, or imaginary thing, that allows the one who uses this name or word to affect its referent through its very unterance. "As the uttering of words is indeed, usually A, or even The, leading incident in the performance of the act of communication and magick. The performance of which is also the object of the utterance." This is why our language and words are seen by the magician, to be the primary way of causing change to occur in conformity with our Will. Thus knowing the power, beauty, force and ferocious splendour of our words is the key to understanding a large part of the Occult Mysteries of Magick. For every true Magician who is well studied in the Art of Occult Magick understands this; as they skilfully mesmerise with Poise and Wisdom as they adeptly juggle the Truth. For its well noted that a crafted magician uses the semantic components of language to change their world round about them. For they understand that every word has a price and consequence, and every silence too... 

"Words and magic were in the beginning one and the same thing, and even today words retain much of their magical power." ~ Sigmund Freud. 1856-1939. 

Therefore we all should be aware of this G'dly power and choose our words wisely. As can use this powerful magical force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively, using words of despair. For we all know that we have the ability to do all these things. As we can teach, help, heal and humble or we can hinder, hurt, harm and humiliate, all with this G'dly Gift Given. For the power of our words can light fires in the hearts and minds of our fellow brothers and sisters. Therefore the control and power is within You.

"Words are but the counters of wise men, and the money of fools. So spend your words wisely, because every word we utter is worth a gold coin, but silence is worth two." 


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By - Paul Francis young.