The Path of the Sun Keepers  ~ ☤⇅∉   ☧∢✞ℏ    ☯∮   ☥♅ξ   §üπ   ₭€∌ףᴲ®ᶳ  Is to walk the straight and centre path; The path of Tiphareth = תפארת = Tiferet... "The way of the righteous that is straight-O Upright One, the path of the righteous, You shall weigh."- Isaiah. 26:7. 

The Path of the Sun Keepers is a Universal Gnostic, K-Q-Cabbalistic Concept, of we are all Unum, Uno, En, Een, один, Isa, एक, Eyodwa, واحد, Otu, ی, Yî, 하나, אחד, หนึ่ง, 1 ONE under the Sun. Regardless of our location of birth, ethnicity, gender or religion: and in this understanding, we all share the same spiritual archetypes and universal spiritual truths. "For there is but One creator, even though it's infinite qualities have many faces, and we are but One family, even though there are many races; and there is but One universal truth, and it has many paths on the everlasting Tree of life." 

As the Path of the Sun keepers was created for people to enjoy; and to help shed light upon the deeper mysteries of Esoteric, Occult, Metaphysics and the different varieties of K-C-Qabbalah. As we at the Path of the Sun Keepers endeavour to help Others and Ourselves to rise above the level of Dogma, False Doctrines and New-Age Bullshit. As we wish to assist Yourself and Others find 'truth' pleasure and nobler prizes and rewards in the acquisition of 'Gnosis'. As you'll find we are honest with the content we share, for it was said long ago that the student of these Great Secrets should beware of reading or keeping company with false Philosophers. Because nothing is more dangerous to a learner of any Science, than the company of an unskilled or deceitful Man or Woman by whom erroneous principles are stamped as 'True' and 'Truth.'  

As we do not wish to profane the "Great work" of the ancient Prophets, Sages Mystics and Philosophers. Or do we wish to profane the great minds and writers who helped in Laying the foundations for what we have today regarding, esoteric metaphysics and Occult Gnostic K-c-qabbalah. For the philosophical degrees have taught many students of the Art. That the value of Honer, the love of knowledge, the excellence of Truth, and the superiority of our Own intellectual Labour, and the dignity and value of our soul, is indeed the Greatest Work of Mankind. 

So we at the Path would like to Help assist YOU on the Great Journey of illumination, by sharing Original Content for You to Contemplate, Ponder and Feast Upon. As we @ The Path of the Sun keepers wish to preserve and advance the principles and practices of the religious, metaphysical philosophies and the magical alchemical systems of Hermetic, Rosicrusion and Gnostic K-c-qabbalah. And to promote the principles of Truth, Peace, Liberty, Self-knowledge, Self-discipline, and Self-responsibility and a universal brother and sisterhood of Man. 

"A brother and sisterhood of Mankind, under the fatherhood of G'D."

On that point, the auld K-c-qabbalist Sages, Gnostics and Hermeticists seen this Great study to be the Path of the ☉ Sun. Regarded to be Nobelist Study of the Magnificence and Essence of the Universal knowledge of Consciousness and the Universal Knowledge and Understanding of Being. That is to say the Path of Mystery and Mastery, knowledge and Understanding. Defined as the Metaphysical Study of the Collective knowledge of the Worlds Occult, Exoteric, Mesoteric, and Esoteric Gnosis. Intriguingly this concept of collective archetypal knowledge hidden in our culture is regarded to be a matter for Philosophical or Empirical Gnostic Anthropology. As empirical anthropology or k-c-qabbalistic Anthropology as a study, seeks to unify through the object of data, investigation, observation and experience. Today this form of investigation is termed 'Social Sciences' which acts to provide us with the scientific insights and basis of the various aspects and spheres of influence that has shaped the origins of our cultures, customs, laws, ethics, aesthetics, religious beliefs, spiritual customs and practices, and a whole lot more besides. As anthropolistic k-c-qabbalah is seen to be the best way of examining the collective cognition of the world wide web of mind and the analogies between the different theological, metaphysical teachings and psychological archetypes that lie therein. 

​​​​​​For it does play an important role in the study of Metaphysics and the different verities of K-c-qabbalah. As this system of Mysticism has taken on many forms over the centuries, and has influenced a wide wide range of spiritual philosophies and theosophical teachings. For instance we have Jewish kabbalah, Christian, Rosicrucian and Gnostic Cabbalah, and the Magical, Hermetic Qabalah. All of which play an important role in the theological and exegetical literature of many of the worlds faiths customs, practices and knowledge. As nearly all the dogmas of religion are written and founded upon the wisdom of K-c-qabbalah. Therefore the foundations and principles of K-c-qabbalah can be found in much of the world's esoteric doctrines, as its the root of many of the worlds religious and spiritual teachings. Subsequently, this is why Anthropolistic K-C-Qabbalah is regarded to be the best means for answering those theosophical questions regarding the phenomenology of human life, and the interpersonal relationships hidden within the layered models of our spiritual Beliefs and Reality. On that point it's important to note, that much of the worlds Esoteric and Occult Gnosis regarding the great Mysteries of G'd, the Universe and the Soul, have been passed on from antiquity and preserved in the practices, customs and Secret Teachings of the worlds many Faiths. This is why K-C-Qabbalah is seen by many Metaphycists to be the best method of study for learning or receiving the hidden secrets of the ancients and their mysteries. As it will help in the deciphering of many great questions regarding the mysteries of Life, the Universe and G'd, Well as few other Theological, Philosophical, Metaphysical, Alchemical, Magical and Biblical Perplexities. Correspondingly therefore it will also help in revealing to us the living structures of the blessed holy One as seen in existence, and the systematic overview of how, on every level, existence functions through the blessed holy One. As it's been said that we will only find the 'All in One' by studying the various spiritual teachings, religions and philosophies of humanity, and by comparing them with an unbiased mind in search for their Corresponding Analogies. As only then can we arrive at the inner meanings and hidden 'truths' and find the One in All. 

This is why in my opinion, Hermetic - Gnostic K-c-qabbalah and the K-c-qabbalists Goals and Objects of Study, where to Help themselves and Others in becoming more spiritually Aware and Fulfilled. As it's been emphasised, that only by shedding Light Knowledge and Understanding on the thought of G'd and creation, can we become equal to that of creation and G'd. As it's been said that the purpose of Creation is to Evolve and Equalise and become One with that of the Creator. On that point, if you have studied any form of Metaphysics or Hermetic Alchemy, Gnosticism or K-c-qabbalah, you see the writers and authors were trying to create a method and basis of study for this compendium of information. Which would eventually help Ourselvs and Others in the Cultivating of new ideas, and new knowledge on these concepts. Providing us with new wisdom and understanding, new insights and new Prosperity, that would help us spiritually Evolve to our Rightful place in the heavens Once Again. 

As the aim and Goal of Metaphysics and K-c-qabbalah, is to find a unified theory that will draw the boundary between Religion and Superstition, Fact and Fiction, Myth and Allegory; and to turn the Objections of Superstition, Mystery and Philosophy into arguments favourable to TRUTH. "For there is no higher religion than the Truth.” Which as I've said is done by studying other religious metaphysical, mystical, magical, scientific and spiritual teachings and writings. looking for the relations between them in their similarities, correlation and in their analogies and noting the various points of agreement and disagreement. On that point, this also can be done by comparing the spelling of the Holy names and the language used, such as their Etymology and Gematria. A illustration of this is found in the singular term of G'd in Hebrew אלה - eloah - ĕlāh, for its also found outside of Hebrew, such as the Ugaritic ʾlhm - the family of El - אֵל - the creator G'd and chief deity of the Canaanite pantheon. Correspondingly this can also found in biblical Aramaic with name Ĕlāhā, and later Syriac Alaha, also the Arabic ʾilāh إلاهة or Allah. As the Similarities in the meaning, spellings and pronunciation of these words is rather telling. As you see the 'Great Work' of the K-c-qabbalist and Metaphysics, is to find the same universal archetypes of spirit and being within the many different teachings, faiths and philosophies, of the world, that which will unify or 'Solve et coagula' under the seal of all the sacred teachings and writings. 

For this is "The great work", that is to find reason, truth, wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of all the mysteries of the world and the One true G'd. To find universal truth of all things, which will satisfy all minds of all men. "But these truths are found neither in the thesis nor the antithesis, but in an emergent synthesis which reconciles all." 'The Impossible Dream?' or is it ???... For this "Great Work" that was termed by Hermes Trismegistus - Mercurius ter Maximus - ὁ Τρισμέγιστος. As "The Work of the ☉ Sun - Son." That is to find the immovable foundations of true religious knowledge and faith, of philosophical truth and of perfect transmutation of all things. Done by the triad of the threefold affirmation, “It is true, It is certain without error, It is of all truth.” Such as seen in physics, the true is confirmed by experience and experiment, in philosophy, metaphysics and alchemy, certitude purged from any alloy of error, and in the domain of religion or the infinite, absolute truth indicated by Analogy. As these are the three golden rules and crowns of necessities for any true science. 

You see now why this course of study was termed the ‘Path of the Masters of the Sun’, but when we speak of the Path of the Sun Keepers, we mean much more than a course of study. For this Path is a way of life and on it the whole being must co-operate if the heights of glory are to be won. As the 'Magnum Opus' or the 'Great Work', is before all things the uniting of opposites, the uniting of the soul with G'd, and the uniting of the Microcosm with the Macrocosm, of the Female with the Male, of the Ego with Non-Ego. Which is the Creation of Man by himself, that is to say, the full and entire conquest of our Kingly or Queenly faculties and the perfect emancipation of our Sovereign will and Intellect. Thereby gaining the keys to attain true wisdom and understanding of the 'SANCTUM REGNUM' and the Wisdom, Knowledge and Power of the ancient Sages and Magi. On that point, it important to note that Great Work of becoming a Spiritual Being, is to be free from the constraints, accidents, and deceptions, of the matrix box of beliefs we have found ourselves in regarding G'd, the Universe and the Soul.. 

As its been said that: "belief is but fire to the mind" but this light of belief produces flickering shadows. Therefore we must be aware and understand that light also produces distortions and vivid objects and shadows of the mind. Which can only to be solved by dialectics of objective truth. For whoever has objective understanding see's beyond the perceptions of Belief and Establishes the existence of their Own Understandings of the Matter. Which is to be free thinking and independent. As the great Sages emphasised to know this before all things, WHO ARE YOU ?... Thus putting the great work in to your hands, proposing you to study these Great Teachings for yourself. On that point, it's written on the great pediment of a temple consecrated by antiquity to the G'd of Light with this inscription: “Know thyself - γνῶθι σεαυτόν - Gnōthi seauton."

"Know Thyself; then thou shalt know the Universe and G'd." ~ Pythagoras Πυθαγόρας 570-495.B.C.E

As another purpose for studying any form of Mystical K-c-qabbalah or Metaphysics, is to help and assist the individual to Awaken and Transform the Self. For it provides us with the tools necessary to achieve spiritual self-realisation and the perfection of the self. Giving us the capabilities to transcend the experience of duality, ego identity, and the distinctions between the-self and not-self. As you see the individuation process has been defined as the achievement of self-actualization through the integrating of the conscious and unconscious. Which has been identified as finding our higher selfs and accomplishing our own individual wholeness. As we will gain the 👁️ to see and the power to become more attuned to the essence and root of our soul, thus find our true self. As you see the purpose of Alchemical K-c-qabbalah is coagulation and transformation, which means to unfold our hidden potential. Thereby transforming the Body, Mind, Spirit and Self into a better more Rounded and Expanded individual. As the point of any form of Metaphysics is to develop our higher-self so that we are more transcendent and receptive to receive the light of G'd.

"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom." ~ ~ Socrates Σωκρᾰ́της 470-399.B.C.E.

As this wise counsel of "Know thy Self" has been impressed on every Man and Women when they Seek to Approach this Great Science. For it's the first and formal condition for achieving your own understanding to matrix Box of BELIEFS we have found ourselves in regarding these great questions of life, the Universe and G'd. Therefore always be open minded: "For when the all shall be opened and understood, then we shall find the oneness of all. One shall we be with the Masters of Mystery and Mastery, Conquerors of Death and Masters of Life." All of which is represented by the SUN and the great celestial Luminary and Flower on the Tree of Life... Tiphereth - תפארת. Which is the Premise and Concept behind the ‘Path of the Sun Keepers’. But before i can go on to explain this individual sephirah, the student of these teachings must understand the significance of the whole of the K-c-qabalistic 'Tree of Life' for Themselves. For the Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding of the k-q-cabalistic Tree will surely helps expand upon the bearing of these Great Mysteries. 

As the "Tree of Life = עץ חיים = Etz Ḥayyim: And The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil = עֵץ הַדַּעַת טוֹב וָרָע = Etz Ha-Da'at Tov Va-Ra."

Forms the ground-plan of All Western Esoteric Traditions; and is the system and basis upon which nearly all Occult Students are Trained. As it truly is a great guide and tool for this research. As the Tree of Life, glyph, symbol or system, attempts to reduce the attributes of G'd, the universe and the hidden depths of the soul, into a diagrammatic form. That reveals in itself every factor and force and the relationship between them, all traced in there entireties and laid out to one-another like a mystical metaphysical map. That highlights the external and internal, the visible and invisible aspects of G'd, nature, the universe and the soul. Additionally, each k-c-qabalistic school teaches the student there own methods and procedures and how to use this diagram and climb the tree of knowledge and to unfold their consciousness to its fullest. Intriguingly the process by which this is accomplished is termed by k-c-qabbalists as 'The Work of the Sun’ or the ‘Fifty Gates of Light’. On that point Tiphereth, the flower on the tree of life is best defined and represented by the sign and symbol of the Sun K-c-qabalistically, as its defined to be the 'adornment' of the Crown of Glory. 

""For wisdom cannot be grasped until its crowned in Understanding. The 'Crown - ‫כֶּתֶר‬ - kether' of 'knowledge - דעת - Da'ath', = 'Wisdom - חכמה - Chokhmah' and 'Understanding - בינה - Binah.'""

As Tiphereth is represented K-c-qabbalisticly as the great balancing Sephirah, known as the "Throne of Glory" Crowned, Praised, Hailed and Exalted Luminary "Magnificence in its Beauty" because of the resplendent iridescent, magnificent whiteness of its Light. Its also been designated to be "beauty and the splendour of truth." While its immensity is further recognised because of its designation as "Greatness." For his this Sephirahs location in the centre of the Tree of Life also reveals to its significance, as its the Centre path of the Pillar of Equilibrium. This is why it's seen as the Balancing Sephiroth of Equilibrium and Harmony between {Chesed - חסד mercy and loving kindness, and "Geburah - גבורה - judgment, wickedness and hate.} As this great Celestial K-c-qabalistic luminary possesses the dual properties of 'Light and Fire' but held in absolute balance and equilibrium and with perfect vision of harmony.

This is why its represented by wisdom in its application to the Absolute. As it charchterises the knowledge, understanding and power of perfect judgement. Kingly qualities indeed. As the Great k-c-qabbalistic Secret of Tiphareth is known to be the "Path of the Majestic King." literally meaning ‘to be a Sovereign’ or as Plato put it, ‘A philosopher King or Queen.' Which is defined as bcoming a being of Supreme and Superior character, well vested and versed in Knowledge, Reason, Wisdom and Understanding. Incorruptible due to high moral values and to have a Love for Justice, Liberty and Truth. To be a Lover of Truth, also righteous with a supreme sense of justice, and have self- control and to be self-governed, also enthusiastic and disciplined, resolute and objective and balanced. For its these that are the duties of a Sovereign, that is discern beyond the visible and invisible and to have the desire to learn and know and apprehend all the deeper conceptions of Truth. As you see a True King or Queen should posses a special level of wisdom and knowledge. "To be crowned and decked with the precious crown of wisdom and understanding and adorned with princely garments of intellect, reason and sound mind. For they are the True Gifts of a sage Monarch." 

Intriguingly from the view point of transcendental psychology, the Hermetic term "As Above So Below " would be the point of Kether being reflected in to Heart of Tipherth. As 'Kether the Crown - כתר.' Seen at the top of the Tree of Life; "the most hidden of all hidden things, that which ֶis above the mind's abilities of comprehension." From the standpoint of 'Tiphareth the heart - לֵב = Leb.' is seen to be the point of Atonement and Anointment. Which illustrates to us the Hermetic Maxim "As above so below." 

As Kether reflects its boundless light in to Chokhmah and Binah, that is then reflected in to the prism of da-ath, that is then filtered in to the point of Tiphereth. As you see, the top triads essence, properties and qualities are reflected in to the point of Tiphereth. known by k-c-qabbalists to be the seat of sentiment of kingship. As it embodies being Cowned with the three crowns, which are represented as the Crown of Priesthood, the Crown of Royalty, and the Crown of Law. Characterised as a halo of Wisdom, Reason and Understanding. "But this Crown is in the heart, not in the head.” Not deck'd with Diamonds, and Indian stones, nor to be seen, for this Crown is call'd “Content." As the goal of king or Queen is to perfect thyself and Learn the secrets of G'd, that is Master of Time. Known as the secrets of the infinite, or the 'magnum opus', Which is given only to those who have been tested in the fires of the Sun, so that the pure may be tested and not be corrupted by the duality of paradox. As it's only then we will  gain the insight, vision, wisdom, understanding, and reason and harmony of all things. 

On that point, it's said that whoever possesses this Great Arcanum is truly in touch with their higher guardian angel or higher self. Thus making them a king or queen, a king or queen who is indeed above any other king or queen, for he or she has become inaccessible to all fears and to all vain hopes. This is why Tiphereth is seen to be the Reasoning Soul, and the Heart of the Universe. As it is said that the Soul within the Body is a Reflection of the Divine form and Image, called: {בְּצֶלֶם אֱלֹקים - בָּרָא אֹתוֹ - The tzelem - zelem צֶלֶם - Elohim אֱלֹהִים.}  Which referencess the description of the spiritual mould of the physical form of human beings, in soul and body. As the Soul reflects the spiritual infrastructure of the k-c-qabbalistc worlds and the chain order of creation. That is linked to the body and soul and all the higher forces of creation. This mould is said to be derived from the configuration of the Sephiroth, and the Elohim, as G'd is incorporeal, therfore the image refers to all the spiritual beings in heaven. 

Intriguingly the classical commentaries and texts explain that mankind alone is endowed like his-her Creator — embodied with reason, a sense of morality and free-will to choose wisely. As we are said to be a miniature Microcosm of the infinite Macrocosm!. A little world and an extract from the earth and the elements and all the Stars and Planets of the Firmament. For within us is the quintessence of the universe and G'd. Represented again by the hermetic Axiom: "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing." For the same essence and factors that go to make-up us and the universe, are also present in our Being and Nature.""The Essence of the Supreme Wisdom is composed of earth and of heaven; of divine and of human; of material and of immaterial, even as man is composed of body and soul. Man is the synthesis of all the Holy Hashem and in Man are enclosed all the worlds, both the upper and the lower. Man includes ALL the mysteries, even those that existed before the creation of the world."" 

As this Anthropocentric concept regards Humanity as the chief point of reference in our reality, which further ascribes to the concept of consciousness, reason, wisdom and understanding is Our G'dly image and the Divine Reflection of G'd. For the Ancient of Days {'Arich Anpin = אריך אנפין = Long face'. Sees Himself reflected, as in a glass. This reflection is the reflected image of the Vast Countenance, that is called the Lesser Countenance, 'Ze`ir Anpin = זְעֵיר אַנפִּין = Small face = the Son = Sun."} We see then that the meaning of the term 'image' is the spiritual quality of mankind: our self-consciousness and self-determination, our Reason and Understanding, our capability for higher Thought and our Desire for Immortality, Knowledge, Truth, Liberty and Power. Is in a sense becoming a reflection of G'd, which is best described as a philosopher KING. Like the sons of Elohim, the illuminated ones as they are termed in the Book of Job;  "the morning stars." For they are G'ds, kings, Rulers and Judges. Therefore we also have to be like the Sons and Daughters of Elohim, as we are the Elohim, meaning kings and Queens, Rulers and Judges of OURSELVES. For if you don't rule yourself, some One or Thing will. "Wherein rules a king but in their kingdom." 

On that point, its important for me to explain what I meant with the term "Morning Stars" in reference to the Elohim. As Maimonides in his guide for the perplexed expands on this holy hashem. Onkelos the proselyte explained this homonym name (ʾÈlôhím - ‫אֱלֹהִים‎‬/אֱלוֹהִים‎‬) in the true and correct manner when he said: "And ye shall be like the Elohim knowing good and evil," and not "knowing" or "discerning the true and the false": while in necessary truths we can o​nly the words "true and false," not "good and evil." For to distinguish the {'True = טוֹב = Tob' from the 'False = ָרע = Rah'.} One must have an adequate idea of what is true and false in the first place. This is done as you see by studying the Great Ones who have made 'The Great Work' and pursuit of this most noble knowledge, truth, and understanding their life's work. As these Great and Wise men and women showed us how to walk that honest path, that path of Tiphereth = THE PATH OF THE SUN KEEPERS.

Which is the premise of the Page and Website. As you see the path of the sun keepers is to distinguishing between Truth and Falsity and to Become a Sovereign Being. That is noblest attribute of all the Faculties of our Nature. Therefore be kings, Queens and illuminated ones; for this Divine light of reason and understanding is in each and everyone of us... As William Shakespeare put it best in Hamlet when he wrote: "What a perfect invention Man is, how noble in his capacity to reason, how unlimited in thinking, how admirable in his shape and movement, how angelic in action, how G-dlike in understanding! There’s nothing more beautiful. We surpass all other animals. And yet to me, what are we but dust."  

You see then that the Path of the Sun Keepers premise and concept isn't about Satan, Lucifer or Sun worship. As this Path represents the Path of the Masters of the Sun, the path of Creative Altruism, the path of the Prophets, Sages and Mystics who are regarded to be the Guardians of the souls of Mankind. The illuminated Ones who opened up the pathways of Kingship and Self Mastery to Everyone who will walk in the Light of knowledge and understanding. For this is indeed the GREAT WORK, that is to reach the highest summits, wherein the "inner" and "outer" no longer exist. Thus, completing the solar Work. "By which the path of him or her who attains this, will be illuminated on their pilgrimage of life; illuminated by the Light of Reason and the sublime doctrines of Truth." 

""It is most true, that Truth is a Divine attribute and the foundation of every virtue. To be true, and to seek to find and learn the Truth, are the great objects of every good Man and Women.""

"For then thou shalt be an initiate in holy things. And thou shalt be learned in the things of love. And thou shalt be mighty in the things of war. And thou shalt be adept in things occult. And thou shalt interpret the Oracles. And thou shalt be a king or Queen of light." LUX FIAT ET LUX FIT. As you'll gain the eyes to see and ears to hear and the wits to understand, that the Kingdom of G'd in the sense of holiness, is within each and every one of us. As the wise hear and increase in learning and the ones who understand, to them the doors of perception are cleansed and every thing appears as it is."

By - Paul Francis Young.