""Every wise Kabbalist will have constructed according to the principles of the Holy Qabalah many words, and he should have quintessentialised them all in one Word, which last Word, once he has formed it, he should never utter consciously even in thought, until perhaps with it he gives up the ghost. Such a Word should in fact be so potent that man cannot hear it and live. Such a word was indeed the lost יהוה Tetragrammaton... In the proper circumstances. It is said that at the utterance of this lost name, the Universe crashes into dissolution. 

Let the Magician (and k-c-qabbalist) earnestly seek this Lost Word, for its pronunciation is synonymous with the accomplishment of the Great Work."" ~ LIBER ABA.

""The Holy names of G'd are the mystical keys for passing binah's gates. For each ha'shem is capable of opening various gates of perception and light, which lead to other dimensions of G'd's vast consciousness.""          ℵ☉Ω

To the k-c-qabbalist, the holy Ha-shem or the ineffable Names of G'd are seen to be extremely important study. As they serve or represent a conception or realisation of the divine nature of the blessed holy One. As each of the various sacred names of G'd are considered to represents G'd, as he - she is known to us. For each name represents an attribute of the blessed One or the 'Ain Soph Aur' which is revealed to us through the divine aspects which are attributed to each of these ineffable Names. For instance, the holy name of El Shaddai - אֵל שַׁדַּי is conventionally translated to mean G'd Almighty (Deus Omnipotens in Latin.) Subsequently because of the sacredness of these Holy Names, it's further believed that they should never be uttered, but only meditated and refleced upon. 

On that point, its important to note that it was the twelfth century Jewish Kabbalist and philosopher Maimonides, who first assigned the Ten ineffable names of G'd: to that which corresponded to each of the Ten sephiroth. As it was Maimonides and a few other great K-c-qabbalah Scholars and Mystics of the day,  who first seen the holy names of G'd as being keys. Which help in opening up various gates of perception and understanding. As the k-c-qabalistic Tree of Life system is composed of Ten Sephiroth, and twenty-two Paths. These paths are connected to the fifty Gates, which constitute as states of mind generated by our experiences of the Sephiroth and the twenty two Paths on the Tree of life. 

As the K-c-qabbalistic technique of recitating the Holy names is also linked to the mystical experience of the divine chariot or throne of G'd, as seen in Ezekiel’s vision. As the mysteries of the merkavah and the various techniques of recitation of holy names and the esoteric wisdom of the divine chariot, is believed to be brought about by the knowledge and understanding of the various combinations and permutations of the letters, which make up the Holy names of G'd. As each letter constitutes and consists of the elements which make up the power and essence of that individual name. Therefore the ecstatic vision of the Holy names is seen to be a way of achieving a union with G'd. Interestingly, it was said that the famous rabbi Akiva and his companions travelled to pardes - PRDS. By utilizing the Holy ha'Shem or Divine names of G'd. As each of these names represents the Will, Power and Light of the blessed holy One. 

The Ten holy names as assigned to the sephiroth by Maimonides. 

BINAH - YHVH ELOHIM – יהוה אלהים
TIPHARETH - YHVH ELOAH V-DA’ATH – יהוה אלוה ודעת
HOD - ELOHIM TZAVAOTH – אלהים צבאות

When asked to expand upon the verse in exodus 3:14, "AND G-D SAID UNTO MOSES." Rabbi Abba b. Mammel said: G'd said to Moses: "Thou wishest to know My name. Well, I am called according to My work; sometimes I am called “Almighty G'd”, “Lord of Hosts”, “G'd”, “Lord”. When I am judging created beings, I am called “Gd” (Elohim), and when I am waging war against the wicked, I am called “El Shaddai” (Almighty G'd), and when I am merciful towards My world, I am called “Adonai”, for “Adonai” refers to the Attribute of Mercy, as it is said: The Lord, the Lord (Adonai, Adonai), G'd, merciful and gracious. Hence I am that I am in virtue of My deeds.’" 

R. Isaac said: G'd said to Moses: ‘Tell them that I am now what I always was and always will be’; for this reason is the word eheyeh written three times. Another explanation of I AM THAT I AM is offered by R. Jacob b. Abina in the name of R. Huna of Sepphoris: G'd said to Moses: ‘Tell them that I will be with them in this servitude, and in servitude will they always continue, but I will be with them!’ Whereupon Moses said to G'd: ‘Shall I tell them this? Is not this sufficient for the hour the evil thereof?’ G'd replied: ‘NO: THUS SHALT THOU SAY UNTO THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL: “I AM HATH SENT ME UNTO YOU.” To thee only do I reveal this but not to them.’"

Therefore because of the immense powers of the Holy names of G'd, many K-c-qabbalah scholars have warned of the dangers of misusing the Holy Names, especially in various mediative techniques and other more magical practices. As it's been emphasised that one must Not use the Lords name in vain. For each of these Holy Ha'shem's is unique, just as we are unique. Thus the dangers of misusing them goes far beyond our comprehension. For many ancients Sages and k-c-qabbalists have also warned us about misusing G'ds hidden names, as we could end up in serious peril. The story of rabbi Akiva and his traveling companions illustrates this. For its a perfect analogy and example of what happens when you go misusing the Holy names. As it can be dangerous when opening these gates of perception and climbing metaphysical Trees. For one can easily lose their grasp and fall in to that great pit of because. Therefore its believed that misuse of the Holy Names could Destroy the world and Yourself. 

By - Paul Francis Young.